”You have helped me tremendously with my neck, right elbow tendonitis and now my back and hip.  I was in so much pain before my last visit. Small bumps while driving would put me in tears. I couldn’t roll over onto my side or walk without gasping for air due to the pain. I am now taking the three flights up the stairs at work again. I am sleeping better all because of you and your gentle hands, therapies, and holistic remedies.  With much holistic love and gratitude!

JOYCE B. (Jan 2017)

”I’ve known Lisa for about five years and have continuously gone to her for various physical problems and symptoms.  Her professionalism, knowledge, holistic treatments along with her compassion have always been admired and helpful.  I would highly recommend Lisa if you want successful outcomes for your pain, disorders, and holistic health as she has been a blessing in my life!

LINDA L. March 2018