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Your Alternative Medicine is Holistic Therapy Which Strives for Healthier Living

In pursuit for optimum health and wellness, increasingly larger numbers of people are choosing the benefits of Holistic Therapies or Alternative Medicine Therapy to help boost the physical body, mind and spirit.  The beauty of these is that they do work well in tandem with the traditional allopathic medicine.  


Holistic health takes steps to get to the core of physical pain or chronic issue, as well as get to the root of the manifestation from our consciousness.  Most of us are aware that our thoughts are very powerful as they manifest into our reality and the physical body.

Holistic Approach in Alternative Medicine Means Treating the Whole Person As We Are Energetic and Emotional Beings

The fact is, we are complex organisms, not just a bunch of parts connected by limbs. Functionally if one part of our body is affected, it will impact other area’s of the body. This is why  holistic medicine is so effective and so important. Holistic medicine recognizes that the human body is made up of not only body, but interconnected to our emotional mind and spirit.


At the center of our being is our soul for which we are here to learn and grow into our higher purpose.  The specific lessons we absorb from our childhood through adulthood all contribute to our greater goals in this life.


Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions can have a tremendous impact on how our bodies react physically. Likewise our spiritual alignment also impacts the way we feel. Faith in God can bring about a tremendous improvement in our health as well as our emotions.


“You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds…Claim and consciously use your power.” — Louise Hay


We are energetic beings that become affected by daily stress, beliefs, emotions and thoughts that become held in the body manifesting as physical symptoms. 


Pain, symptoms, illness and/or disease are indications of energetic imbalances that remain held in our tissues, cells or organs as negative charges. By restoring the subtle, natural flow of energy is paramount to physical health.


When you bring the body and mind into a more harmonious state on a physical, mental and emotional plane by removing the energy blocks while nourishing its deeper needs, then the body has the capability to heal itself.  


Food that is sourced from the sun and grown from the ground full of vital minerals and nutrients that our bodies rely on as a catalyst for optimal functioning.  Food is part of Energy medicine as real whole foods provide information to our system as a whole. Nutrient dense foods, support digestion, enhance the proliferation of new body tissue, provide nourishment for the body and mind including activating hormonal health and detoxification pathways from the toxic overload. 


ENERGY MEDICINE comes in many forms all of which helps those take part in providing the whole body — it’s meridians and systems with a balanced flow of ‘life energy’ as the foundation for preventing dis-ease.

Alternative Medicine Has Evolved From Disciplines of Ancient Practices That Can Profoundly Be Empowering To Your Vibrant Well-Being!

Modern science validates that many disciplines — from earthing to light therapy, acupuncture to mindfulness meditation, to qigong to hands-on healing such as Reiki— have profound positive effects. These proven methods can significantly improve our health, and increase our energy and resilience.


In my practice I build upon disciplines like acupuncture using Cold Low Light Laser Therapy(Needle-less acupuncture), Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Raindrop Therapy(using essential oils), Kinesiology(muscle testing) and by simply teaching how you can personally access and energize specific acupoints.  


Along our twelve different meridian pathways of vital organs are energy channels which ‘transport’ life energy(Chi/Qi) throughout the body.  Acupoints are specific energy points that can dictate how well the energy supply is carried to areas in the body whether it can be blocked or even if there’s a surplus.


What is ‘life energy’ you may ask…vibrational energy, blood flow and information continuously and instantaneously send signals amongst your organs that keep your body balanced by regulating all of its functions. Body temperature regulation, thirst, blood pressure, signals hormonal expression, emotions, anxiety and coordinate countless messages that ideally try to keep our organs and bodily systems operating in harmony. 


According to TCM, as long as Qi flows freely through your meridians and your organs work in harmony, your body can remain healthy.”  Yet it is excess stress which directly affects the functionality of the corresponding organ and ultimately the whole body-mind-spirit.

"Your Body Strives To Be Healthy and Aligned. Your Mind Wants To Be Happy. And your Spirit Wants To Thrive.

As The Vibration of Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion and Generosity Are The Core of Our Souls True Essence."

Energy EFFECTS everything!  Your health relies on the continuous EXCHANGE of energy in the body.  EVERY function of the body and mind is interrelated and works in HARMONY with the cells communication.  


Toxins and inflammation block the cells receptor sites and scrambles the cells amazing and intelligent ability to communicate throughout the body.  Disease starts when there are energetic imbalances and blocks in the energy flow within the body.


A lack of energy is the symptom, not the cause.  When you EMPOWER yourself with the right knowledge and build upon energy tools, you can EXPERIENCE and gain access to a vast source of health, happiness, vitality and resilience along the journey of life!


Getting your energy flowing correctly with mind body therapies and simple daily practices can improve your mood, reduce your stress, and even diminish pain.


The benefits of nourishing harmony within include:

  • Diminished aches, pains, illness and disease

  • Deeper happiness, satisfaction and real contentment

  • More focus, clarity and productivity in ALL and everything you do

  • Better relationships, more harmony and bliss

  • Renewed balance, well-being and lower-stress levels

  • Age more gracefully with a longer and healthier life

  • Gain greater vitality and resilience 


Alternatively, specific adaptogen herbs, homeopathy and essential oils in addition to diet and lifestyle adjustments have the ability to strengthen organ function increasing resistance, stamina and energy.  An adaptogen is a synergistic super tonic that provides the body exactly what it needs without any side effects or over stimulation.  

Adaptogens like CBD oil that wears the red cape to enhance our ability to come into better balance. Research proves how adaptogens can combat fatigue, enhance mental performance, ease depression and anxiety, and help you thrive rather than just trying to muddle through and survive.

The holistic body is actually a crystalline substructure as our cells consist of light and water.  When we are able to present information to the body thru specific wave-lights at the appropriate and various frequency ranges, the body receives it in a way that is very profound and unique.  


Similar to how you hold one end of a string you will feel the response at the opposite end.  Our cells respond exceptionally well with this quickest form of cold light holistic communication.

As red light therapy with its specific programed frequencies are utilized using the PTL II laser through the acupoints on the body onto the brain —it releases one’s own natural chemicals like serotonin that reduces stress, calms the adrenals and promotes system balance for overall holistic repair and healing.


The Aura PTL and the unique services for so many conditions of ill health is the only laser system on the market that can reach the higher frequency ranges in the millions of pulses per second that the holistic body, mind and spirit are ALL benefited most effectively.

The Goal In Alternative Medicine Is To Deliver and/or Manage How The Body Processes Information.  

This includes all information from the pre-programed information that we were born with, for example, the unique shape of your nose and how the immune system is designed to function. Managing the body’s information is also tied to how memories and emotions link to every piece of information our body gathers from our six senses.

The Human Energy Field (HEF) — Is Integral To Our Biology!

Science and quantum physics now acknowledge the existence of a human energy field which surrounds and permeates the human body. We have six chakra’s or energy centers that are reflective of supporting the health of our endocrine system, nervous system, internal glands and organs.  


True health according to TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) medical teachings requires harmony within and throughout the bodies pathways to facilitate the flow of life force energy!


Vibration is at the heart of all creation while energy healing draws on high vibrational frequencies to raise one’s own harmonic resonance through the use of foods, crystals, essential oils, light waves and universal energy.  


Quelling stress matters most and achieving a deep relaxation response enables the body to clear, balance and revitalize the human energy field and our bodily systems to support shifts in the cells communication.  When this deeper calm or feeling of peace and tranquility is perceived it simultaneously affects all aspects of life itself!


“FUTURE MEDICINE WILL BE BASED ON CONTROLLING ENERGY IN THE BODY.”   ~Professor Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University    


Everything we sense, interpret and react to from our environment is coordinated by our Nervous System. We need to be more mindful to practice stress management techniques. When emotional, mental, physical and social stressors get to be too much or there’s a very stressful situation or trauma it can trigger a more serious health issue.  


Also, science now proves… when the mind perceives that the environment is safe and supportive the cells focus on growth and healing!


When we actively practice stress management techniques, tools, use supplements it allows us to adapt to stress much better— we perform better, feel better despite what’s stressing us out!


Stress causes your adrenal glands to release the stress hormone cortisol, which then energizes you to tackle an emergency.  But in today’s chaotic, busy and stressors of all sorts from the environment, chemical, social and emotional aspect, the adrenals are not shutting down.  And no one can argue that too much, too often is bad for our bodies.


We know that constant stress can increase your risk for long-term health issues like heart attack, depression and diabetes for which so many take medications that only induce —stacking more stress onto how the body is unable to process this information and metabolize it.


Cortisol is often the culprit for weight gain, especially around the belly area another vital call for bringing on stress management using alternative energy modalities, adaptogens, essential oils and including mindfulness meditation, repeating a mantra, or guided imagery or visualization.


The ultimate goal as long as holistic and alternative energy healing is concerned is to EMPOWER all of us to strive for applying more of these modalities to create a healthier lifestyle to gain better balance, ability to heal and transform one’s whole aspect. 


Superior health, abundant well-being, vibrant energy and profound peace and joy are all possible when you continuously experience the power of subtle energy healing and even take it into your own hands, quite literally by applying key principles of Energy Medicine.


To learn how to leverage this is something that I incorporate into my Health Coaching practice as well.   We simply need to learn how to get in touch with your innate gift to promote healing and balance within.  


Nourishing harmony is a power we can all access for and within ourselves, but life is so busy and full that it may feel difficult to take a step out of the matrix of modern day living as it’s a comfort zone.  Other’s want that big bang for their buck, can’t afford anything above what is already being paid into insurance and/or do not realize the relevance of how ALL of the underlying stressors impact our well-being.


We are living in a ‘sick-care’ society and need to trust in someone who can advise us in what their individual body needs to attain true health and nourish harmony within.  It might all start with a conversation, with an individual who’s had 25 years of hands on experience in the holistic field and/or with someone who’s had to change up and utilize alternative practices from using food as medicine, adaptogens, nutraceuticals, as well as the power of many forms of holistic modalities.


Yes, I’ve been there and done this and that by literally walking the walk and talking the talk. And I look forward to being quite possibly the catalyst who can help you achieve your health goals and assist you to nurture a more harmonious lifestyle.  


May self worth, love and care be at the foundation for the health warrior within and may you begin today to take another mindful approach at how you are in the driver’s seat on your journey this miraculous life we’ve been given! 

Let’s Wake up the Healthy, Holistic Warrior Within and Get You Started Today!

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