Cold Laser Light Therapy

Looking for the quickest fix to manage your health in a holistic manner?

When using energy applied medicine with this unique laser it provides a holistic approach to wellness based on proven and accepted holistic science.  These are some of the basic programs designed to allow the body to optimally function efficiently on all holistic levels.


Utilizing noninvasive FDA-cleared laser therapy to reduce pain, inflammation and promote holistic healing by carrying specific frequencies to the holistic cells. This communication through the body onto the brain causes the release of natural chemicals that reduce stress and promotes system balance and holistic healing. Specific acupoints are stimulated where peripheral nerves enter a muscle or where the nerve joins a bone. Like fiber optics, the laser activates the meridian or the holistic body’s energetic system to bring about relief and holistic balancing.

Neurological Stress Reduction and

Holistic Substance, Specific Clinical Programs

The PTL Laser treatments present information to the body in several ways that the body can then utilize to reset and come into a balanced holistic state which allows the body to heal & balance at many different holistic levels. For example, by giving the body back the appropriate frequency for things like dog, cat, milk, pollens, eggs, muscle, liver... plus thousands of substance frequencies,  the holistic body has the opportunity to reset itself to respond appropriately when exposed to them and resets the tissue to accelerate holistic healing.  It is not normal to respond negatively to things that are good for us.  Those are called inappropriate responses and using the induction laser the holistic body is able to reset and resolve that inappropriate response and now respond normally. 


When running holistic programs we are also addressing the emotional holistic body since there are emotional components associated with many different issues which result in even deeper holistic healing by the body.  Each of our protocols includes balancing both right and left brain and assisting the body to resolve past trauma’s still held in the body that causes significant holistic interference.  The PTL II Laser therapy offers a very unique holistic way to present information to the body unlike other lasers therapies on the market that can only help the body in a limited holistic way.  


The holistic body is actually a crystalline substructure and when we are able to present information to the body thru the light at the appropriate holistic frequency ranges, the body receives it in a way that is very profound and unique and it responds exceptionally well and at a holistic level, you could not reach using other modalities. The PTL is the only laser system on the market that can reach the Higher Frequency ranges in the millions of pulses per second that the holistic body communicates most effectively.

Cold Light Laser Therapy Treatments Eliminate Most Chronic Conditions Such As;


Adrenal Fatigue




Brain Trauma and Concussions


Carpal Tunnel


Digestive Issues



Food Sensitivities

Focus and Concentration Problems(ADHD, Autism)

Frequent Illness

Headaches and Migraines

Hormonal Imbalance

Infections(viral, fungal, bacterial, parasites)


Injury Healing


Liver and Gallbladder Issues

Lyme Disease

Pain and Nerve Issues

Psoriatic Arthritis




Skin Problems(Rashes, Eczema, Psoriasis)


Smoking Addiction 



Thyroid Disorders

Trauma or Acute Conditions



Vaccination Reactions

Vascular Issues

Weight Release

Wound Healing

Cold Laser Laser Light Therapy Programs and

Holistic Therapeutic Protocols:

By using the ultimate tool (Aura PTL II) to assist your holistic body to increase the endorphins and neurotransmitters that specifically support serotonin and noradrenaline levels. The low light frequencies emitted promotes ATP mitochondria biostimulation as the basis for articular, neural and soft tissue conditions. It quickly brings the body back to better balance to heal at a cellular level through acupoint stimulation which is clinically proven to eliminate acute and most chronic conditions!

  1. A customized holistic care plan which includes low-level light therapy, a supplementation, and homeopathy program to enhance holistic, therapeutic results.

  2. Sessions take about 30 minutes and typically consist of 3 to 12 visits. Most people begin to see results after the first session.

  3. Creation of a holistic maintenance program to ensure your long-term holistic health and wellness goals are reached and sustained.

  4. Each comprehensive holistic treatment program is individualized to each case and condition by integrating advanced holistic medicine with conventional holistic care.

  5. Painless, no needles, no side effects, no downtime, no pharmaceuticals just natural effective and long-lasting holistic results.

The Physiological Effects of Cold Laser Light Therapy
  1. Biostimulation – improved metabolism at a cellular, holistic level

  2. Collagen synthesis is enhanced!

  3. Improved blood circulation, vasodilatation, and lymphatic circulation

  4. Analgesic effect by elevating endorphins and acetylcholine

  5. Anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects

  6. Increased microcirculation to correct ischemia and acidosis

  7. Stimulation of wound healing to increase holistic healing and repair of any organ, gland or tissue regeneration

  8. Speeds up the mitochondria(ATP production) accelerating DNA and RNA formation 

  9. One of the most profound physiological effects of low-level therapeutic lasers is the effect of Neuroplasticity. 


***Neuroplasticity represents the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity provides a way for nerve cells (neurons) in the brain to respond and compensate for injury and disease and adjust neuronal activity in response to a new situation or to changes in the environment***

Patients Who Use Cold Laser Therapy Have Experienced and Expressed Holistic Satisfaction With:

  1. Relief of acute and chronic pain

  2. Increasing the speed, quality, and strength of holistic tissue repair Neurological Stress reduction

  3. Increased holistic blood supply

  4. Stimulation of the holistic immune system

  5. Stimulation of holistic nerve function

  6. Development of collagen and holistic muscle tissue

  7. Helps to regenerate new, holistic, healthy cells

  8. Promotion of fast wound holistic healing

  9. Reduced inflammation

  10. Ability to eat foods without causing an inflammatory response

Acupoint Stimulation Affects Immunity In The Following Ways:

Elevates levels of white blood cells, specific hormones, prostaglandins, gamma-globulins, antibodies, and opsonins.

Constricts and dilates blood vessels, promoting the holistic body’s release of vasodilators (known as histamines)

Activates the holistic secretions of endorphins and specifically enkephalins (Natural pain killers).


It elevates the levels of neurotransmitters, specifically serotonin, and noradrenalin.

One of the most important holistic aspects of a physiological dose of therapy is that it is SAFE. It is safe no matter what the condition or pathology is, no matter what medications the patient is on, no matter what the patient may be allergic to, no matter what, a true LLLT unit will 


“...DO NO HARM!”

Let’s Wake up the Healthy, Holistic Warrior Within and Get You Started Today!

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Cold Laser Light Therapy
Cold Laser Light Therapy
Cold Laser Light Therapy


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