5 Spiritual Benefits Of Yoga No One Knows About

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Veteran yogis, as well as newbies, trust the practice of yoga to be a lifestyle with lots of great benefits. However, for most of the practitioners of this amazing healthy lifestyle, they focus so much on the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga.

5 Spiritual Benefits Of Yoga No One Knows About

Well, the truth about the practice of yoga, just like the practice of meditation, is the fact that this is a lifestyle that benefits beyond the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of an individual. In case you may be surprised to know that yoga even goes as far as benefiting its practitioners spiritually, yes, that's the truth with lots of evidence to prove.

While you may still be pondering on the amazement that yoga has spiritual benefits, here are some typical spiritual benefits of yoga you need to know. Who knows, these might be your reason for choosing to give this healthy lifestyle a try.

1. Yoga Connects You With The Supreme Power At Work In The Universe

Some forms of yoga, such as Chakra, which is involved with balancing and health the body at an energetic level can help you to realize that there is more to life than all you may worry about. With this, you can easily feel an unspoken connection with a higher power, which gives you the conviction that everything will be fine even when it looks as though the whole world is against you.

2. Yoga Help You See The Unseen and Know The Unknown

Well, this might sound fictional and mystical. But the truth remains that some aspects of yoga such as Drishti (Eye focus exercise), you can learn to stimulate your pineal and pituitary gland to a level where you can envision the consequences of your actions and speech even before you say or do them. Once you can attain this level of wisdom through the practice of yoga, you can easily gain control of your will with fewer actions to regret afterward.

3. Yoga Helps You To Acknowledge The Presence of A Higher Being

During the practice of some forms of yoga such as the Asana, which is commonly referred to as child pose or Balasana, yogis take a posture where their forehead is on the ground, and this signifies total reverence and surrender to a high being/power. Through this practice, yogis constantly remind themselves that they don't have all the answers to all that they need since there is a higher being with the infinite power to help you achieve all that you dream of achieving once you are in line with His powers.

4. Yoga Helps You To Receive Guidance and Direction

Meditation, which is a core aspect of the practice of yoga allows you to calm and quiet your mind away from all the cares and hassles of life. Once you can achieve this state of calmness, you can easily get connected with a higher being that will give you guidance and directives on what to do. Similarly, through the use of some special mantra, you can easily cut off from the noise of the world and quietly connect to a supreme power for all your questions.

5. Yoga Helps You Achieve A State of Wholeness

Being whole through yoga goes beyond bringing your body, mind, and soul into a state of oneness. Wholeness through yoga entails growing beyond the dualities of life. Such dualities may include right and wrong, good and bad, rich and poor or even happiness and sadness. Like you can rightly tell, such dualities about life create the feeling of un-satisfaction about everything in life. Well, through the practice of yoga, you can grow to a level of perfection since you feel connected to the supreme power that created everything we are seeing around us. With this, you can inculcate a life of gratitude and contentment with the understanding that the supreme power controlling the whole world is capable of doing all that you ask for.


Living a healthy and balanced life goes beyond eating the best diets. Engaging in life-transforming practices and lifestyles, such as yoga, is one of the simplest ways you can balance and heal your body at an energetic level!

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