Why Nutrition Is Crucial To Holistic Healing

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

When it comes to the holistic healing of the body, mind, and spirit, several factors come into play. And like every other factor which plays a vital role in this form of healing, nutrition, rather, healthy nutrition is a major requirement.

Why Nutrition Is Crucial To Holistic Healing

Peradventure you never gave this a thought, know that the choice of your food each day affects your overall health – talking about the way you feel today, tomorrow as well as in the future.

Well, here is a blunt truth that you need to know when hoping to get the most from any holistic services - good nutrition is a key player when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. In addition to physical activities, good nutrition can help you to maintain a healthy weight, reduce the tendency of chronic diseases and obviously promote your overall health.

What is Holistic Healing?

In a few words, holistic healing involves the practice of health and wellness, which considers the overall health of an individual together with all the external and internal factors affecting their wellbeing.

Going further, holistic healing seeks to restore and maintain balance and healing of the body at an energetic level within the various dimensions of your life. Holistic healing takes into consideration the overall being of an individual by including the totality of their body, mind, and spirit in treatment considerations.

So, while hoping to get the most of any holistic healing services from holistic professionals like Lisa D’Alessandro, here are some good reasons/benefits why your nutrition is crucial to the holistic healing of your body, mind, and spirit.

✔️ Disease prevention

✔️ Weight loss and weight management

✔️ Increased energy levels

✔️ Better sleep

✔️ Improved skin texture and tone

✔️ Improved mood

✔️ Strengthens immune system

✔️ Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure levels

✔️ Balanced blood sugar level

✔️ Improved digestion to avoid constipation.

In addition to the above-listed health benefits of healthy nutrition, holistic nutritionist such as Lisa D’Alessandro advocates for the use of holistic and healthy nutrition due to their tendency to curb various health conditions such as:

✔️ Obesity

✔️ Arthritis

✔️ Diabetes

✔️ Heart disease

✔️ Gout

✔️ Cancer

✔️ High blood pressure

✔️ Colitis

Nutrition and Holistic Healing Goes Hand in Hand

Integrative nutrition coaches see your body as a totality of different components. By this, they try to identify those parts of the body that are not receiving adequate attention through healthy nutrition.

So, before proceeding to guide you through holistic healing which will balance and heal the body at an energetic level, one of the first areas of consideration is ensuring that your body receives adequate nourishment from whole foods. Similarly, where there are unhealthy foods (such as processed and refined food or even unhealthy fats) which are contributing to weight gain, hormonal imbalance, fatigue or inflammation, they will be knocked out of your eating plan to ensure that the goal of holistic healing to your whole being isn't defeated.

Bottom Line

Your nutrition has so much to say when holistic healing is the goal. With this, Lisa D’Alessandro who is a wellness authority, a supportive mentor, holistic nutritionist and founder of Nourishing Harmony believes that food isn't meant only to fuel your body, but also serves as a medicine for you to feel your best.

You can contact Nourishing Harmony in Montgomery, New York for various holistic services which are aimed towards balancing and healing the body at an energetic level, and which will help you live your best life with confidence, radiance, and vitality.


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