Learn How To Eliminate Stress/Anxiety, Boost Your Immune System And Reset Your Mindset To Living Happier Within A Couple Weeks! 


Eliminate Any Stress/Anxiety That Is Getting In The Way Of You Making Healthier Decisions That Will Help You Age More Gracefully!

Boosting Your Immune System With Substituting In "Healthier Sugars" That Won't Interrupt Current Diet!

Use a New Proven Way of Thinking That Will Eliminate Bad Habits, Find Your Why and Become Resilient.


There are five recognized and proven holistic aspects to our wellbeing: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual.  All of these aspects of health are what enables a person to truly live each day in the healthiest, happiest way possible for which we all need balance.  Life is busy, stress-filled, challenging and if one area is compromised, most likely other areas will be as well.


One’s mindset drives the direction of where your health is headed, spiraling down.  The more we do to nurture our bodies and minds, the more stress your body can adapt to.


The best way to view the stress and nurture balance is identified with your WHY or desire if you want more out of life?  For this, you must eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs and pivot on the positive and pleasurable memories, visuals and good that exist no matter how small.


Stress that’s not managed results in chronic and exhausted adrenals, pancreas, a more permeable gut and a focus on illness NOT wellness!


Our experiences are all relevant and when the mind perceives matching vibrational messages that are coded negatively in nature, the body processes break down resulting in symptoms of dis-ease.


WHAT I KNOW TO BE TRUE OR FOR SURE is how one thinks and feels supports the body. And at the core of our being is our perception ruled by our choices. When you begin to change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, because one’s perception drives all of our experiences. 


We all have our own definition of health and views of lifestyle choices. A health coach is like a personal trainer who will make sure your form, movements, actions will get you the results.


This mind-body connection will be supportive by what one Eats, Drinks, Moves(exercises), Breaths and Thinks or Believes. And you will have a better understanding of how the mind controls the body as we dive deeper into your mindset.


Holding a higher perspective or positive mindset opens doors and moves stuck energy. Be one with life and your truth of greater love, light, peace, joy, calm and gratitude!  For me, I believe we need to dance through life and not just live life.


Like a lotus, I will help you get grounded and anchored in on the higher vibrations of your true self so you can rise up out of muddy waters to bloom in the balance of the life we’ve been given.


✔️ RISE UP to reset your emotional mindset!


✔️ RISE UP to rewire your brain so your subconscious mind is your partner for success!


✔️ RISE UP to feel empowered with the tools that will help nurture your body, mind, and spirit!


✔️ RISE UP to getting root cause resolution!


✔️ RISE UP to Build repairing the gut?  A happy gut, happy life!


✔️ RISE UP to Eat Real and strengthen your immune system!


✔️ RISE UP to Nurture your energies for a more harmonious lifestyle!


✔️ RISE UP to learn how to clear and open lymphatic and detoxification pathways!


✔️ RISE UP to health becoming your NEW wealth!


✔️ RISE UP if you want to have certainty about how to be HEALTHY, JOYFUL, RESILIENT, STRONG AND VIBRANT!


✔️ THIS IS FOR YOU if you want to learn solutions for letting go.


✔️ THIS IS FOR YOU if you find yourself slipping into fear, anxiety and worry too often.


✔️ THIS IS FOR YOU if your immune system is already compromised.

✔️ THIS IS FOR YOU if you suffer or on medications for various health conditions for a digestive imbalance, anxiety disorders, heart disease, some forms of cancer, poor circulation, leaky gut syndrome, Alzheimer’s, memory and mood disorders, migraine’s and headaches, thyroid functioning, fibromyalgia, poor sleep, obesity, tinnitus, addiction, autism, and any autoimmune condition!


✔️ THIS IS FOR YOU if you want to create healthier sustainable habits that will strengthen and support your growth.

✔️ THIS IS FOR YOU if you want to reframe your thoughts, actions, and beliefs anchoring in on pure joy, pleasure, love, gratitude, encouragement, and excitement, as it will raise your own vibrant being and align with a happier, HEALTHIER version of yourself.  


✔️ THIS IS FOR YOU if you would like to learn how to cultivate your ENERGY in a positive way with respect to one’s TRUTH.  With this, there are no limits to the potential for growth when your DESIRE’S ignite your mindset.


Mikayla DeGroat

She has helped me understand what is beneficial for my body by educating me about food, supplements and even by doing a couple sessions of laser light therapy with her.

There have been many days I have been basically unable to move and yet thanks to Lisa's modalities, treatment and knowledgeable advice I maintain a functional and active lifestyle. Diet is the hardest thing to change and you have to be willing and open to new ideas to see improvements. She is extremely capable and deeply caring and I highly recommend her! She is my angel on earth!

After running into a wall with conventional (and expensive) medicine -- frustrated in waiting rooms, getting brushed out the door quickly, fighting insurance coverage -- finally, I found Lisa who is a wealth of knowledge. She took the time to study my case and was able to see how other aspects of my life were related to my problem. In short time, I was on the right path and I'm comforted to know I have the best coach on my side.

Having me by your side is like having a personal trainer who knows exactly where you are and will supply the mentorship YOU need to build a more RESILIENT body, mind, and spirit! You DESERVE to age more gracefully, with more vibrant health!  

Join Me And The 500+ Wellness Warriors I've Created For The Next 6 Weeks And You'll See a HUGE Change In Your Perspective, Stress Levels, Immune System and How You Live Your Life More Gracefully Moving Forward!


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